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Erika Lee Krebs is a Best-Selling Author, Family Lifestyle Columnist, and a mother of three. Her "Request Erika" column is featured on Her Best-Selling publication, Fresh Start: Farm-to-Table, Plant-Based Recipes is the very first vegan cookbook to top the "Baby Food" general class as opposed to just "Vegan Food", pushing the mainstream bookstore to the plant-based community. Her latest journey is a children's book collection, "The Adventures of Zozy along with Baz. . .and Sissy Too".

When not writing, Erika and her husband, Michael, are pursuing after their inspirations, twins Oliver along with Sebastian, and small Phoebe Joyce. Erika loves hugs and was known to hug strangers and trees. She is so happy that her husband does not think that the same goes for him and openly admits to loving dogs. Erika wants to violate the Midwest stereotype of "meat and celery country" and be understood more as what they really are: "fine people". She cried tears of happiness when she heard the announcement that Guinness has gone. Erika's vision is to sleep through the night. In the meantime, please visit

"Erika Lee Krebs is dedicated to giving young toddlers the opportunity to explore what happiness, empathy, altruism and compassion are. "The Adventures of Zozzy along with Baz. . .and Sissy Too" is also a must for many families looking to instill these qualities in their child."
-- David Coman-Hidy, Executive Director, The Humane League

"Many parents need to teach their kids how to be kind and compassionate towards other but don't always understand where to start. By asking simple and direct questions, this show will help you begin a dialogue with your child about how animals ought to be treated and also what it means to really care about others."

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