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Ethan Indigo Smith is the son of a farmer and nurse who was afterwards embraced by artists. Ethan was raised California. Ethan has traveled the world and has been used as a Private Detective, a dishwasher, and a concierge, a snowboard instructor and also a poet.

Ethan Indigo Smith meditates, clinics Wu tai chi chuan, The Five Tibetan Rites and various yoga. Ethan snowboards and studies nuclear experimentation. Ethan is still a philosopher and plays basketball. Ethan is an activist, largely with the pencil, consistently siding with individuals among institutions. All of Ethan's writing, regardless of if philosophy or satire, is concentrated to enhancing consciousness. He writes a peaceful world with a sharp and unique perspective.

Ethan is a proud dropout but steadfast scholar. After dropping out from academia he later dropped from the proverbial rat race completely, moving to The Sierra Nevada mountains in California to snowboard for many winters. Being a dropout with enhanced observational skills enabled Ethan Indigo Smith to frankly observe and present his study unfettered by institutional disturbance.

Ethan's articles appear on many top news sites and magazines from all over the world with global audiences including wakeup-world. com.

Ethan's first publication is The Complete Patriot's Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism. He explores heritage, history and activism via an Orwellian lens.

Among his more recent roles is The Geometry of Energy How to Meditate. It presents a way for all levels of practitioners to enlarge their individuation and find their true nature. It comprises esoteric keys and meditation methods all derived from and linked to the four measurements of geometry. The Geometry of Energy presents the math of meditation, some of the most simple of sacred geometrical co

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