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The author grew up on a working cattle ranch thirty miles. Cactus work and heat were plentiful, types of diversion were not. The TV got two stations after a person hand cranked the gas generator when it desired to, and just in the evening. All of which meant that his kind of escape read.

At 18 he escaped Tucson where he also attended the University of Arizona. A number of efforts at majors followed, none of which stuck. Discovering he liked writing, two distinct occasions attempted journalism, but had to drop it once he realized he had no intention of conducting interviews with real people but favored making up them.

After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing in 1989, he backpacked Europe with a friend and caught the travel bug. Without a meaningful job prospects, he hitchhiked across the U.S. for some time then moved back to school to learn to become a high school English teacher. He received a teaching job out of college in the middle of this year. The job lasted exactly one semester, or till he realized and received his summer pay he had cash to continue.

The second stop was Australia, in which he expected to invest six months, operating wherever he could, then a couple of months in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. His plans changed irrevocably when he met with a lovely girl in Alice Springs. Swept away by his own lack of a job or future that was real, she agreed to allow him to trace her back into Switzerland at which a few months afterwards, she gave up her job. During the next couple years they backpacked that the U.S., Eastern Europe and Australia/New Zealand, prior to marrying and settling in the hills of Colorado, at a small town called Sali

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