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I was born and brought up in Dallas. I graduated from college and that I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. I got married just before moving to Canada, where I worked as a counselor. In my line of work, I lurks in counseling single-parent families. Additionally, I practiced instructing as a local school teacher.

I'm a grandmother of three. I'm a role model to those that want to live an easy lifestyle and who yearn to find out this. I own a house in the countryside; a house I dearly treasure. I spend most of my time in my homestead backyard and along with my cherished kitchen cooking. My everyday activities are pretty much straightforward and easy to follow. When I am not in the kitchen cooking, I'm most definitely outside in the fields walking my dog. Occasionally, you may find me spending my time with a buddy while drinking coffee in the backyard. Whenever I am free, I also like to play with my grandchildren.

Driven by my desire to cook tasty meals, I enjoy sharing my experience and prowess in cooking with the rest of the world. My special recipes are simple and user friendly. As a result of my passion and obsession of cooking, then I began to write books with the goal of inspiring and motivating the readers to start cooking themselves and make a habit of eating in the home. I am currently renowned for my prowess in the kitchen, my love for kids and most surely my epic inspiration and counseling of families.

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