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The earthly delights continue! Book two of this Enchanted Gate show, Conquest of the Hidden Valley.

Elvish children fight evil about the ancient Isle of Spardom underneath the sea. Hundreds of merciless sulobaids strike with ruthlessness as basilisks Glornri and Tylnol try to ruin everything good. Zarof, the Evil Wizard, that has but one aim, forces the creatures’ brutality: To conquer the Isle and subject its monsters into his insatiable wickedness. But before he can do this, he must remove.

Yet the courageous youngster elves do not easily give into Zarof’s most wicked manners. Ziplip Clover Elfin Lindsial, also elfin mermaid the Wizard is repeatedly challenged by Ariel-e. The Goddess of the Troop and her flying horse pordonas, Spirit withstand Zarof along with his Alliance’s man-made tools of warfare. Professors Taryn, Dyase, Natash and lady Camielle, along with Dianise of this Academy join forces to use their magic powers. Despite overwhelming odds, elves and other animals encounter evil to their young lives whatever the danger.

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