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Hello. I am F.Z Khan. " MICHAEL JACKSON TRUTH & CONFESSION" is the first book that's the first part in the set of 5 books that are all kindle books. It's a exceptional show about a unique person. I'd propose all MJ fans to read them. Why I chose to begin my writing career with Michael Jackson? The simple reason being that he has a story and a character that not only inspires individuals around the globe but also people all over the world can relate to him, through his hard work, his battle with life, his successes and victories in addition to his failures and rejections.
I do not mean to write about a guy who is commercial and available on the market. I write about a human person who attempts to manage life the best he can or the finest he believed he could. This can be a narration that encompasses human nature, thought, ability of mind and spiritual existence in a material world. I understand you would like to see him, and why don't you provide you with the best you could ever have about him.

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