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Faye Sonja is a multi-voiced author who succeeds to use unique voices in telling her stories, viewing characters coming alive throughout the multi-faceted writing styles give her great pride.
As a young woman, Faye Sonja was fascinated with stories of the Old West, especially the theme of Mail Order Bride in which a female will discover the guts to leave her homeland, choose the dive to seek out the love of her life out there in the unknown land.
This kind of act requires bravery, this kind of act requires religion. It takes a woman with strong Christian faith to step out on such a quest because of her love.
It's Faye's desire that readers may once more have the guts to believe in love again out of reading her books, to be inspired through the characters in her story who through perseverance, in the face of obstacles, overcame the struggles using that simple faith and perception of theirs.

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