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Throughout her professional career, Flo Barnett was a coach and daycare provider. She also taught elementary and kindergarten school for several years. Recently retired, Flo writes humorous tales for, and occasionally based on, the real life antics of her seven energetic cousin whom she loving refers to as "Grammy's Gang."

Most recently Ms. Barnett published the second book of her new series,Together In Peace And Harmony,"If I Were You And You're Me!" Geared for ages 3-6. Multi-generational and multicultural aspects of modern day families are presented in a humorous manner with a twist. The very first entry in this series, "Preschool Friends A-Z Around The World" (ages 2-5) introduces young children to racial and cultural diversity. It's Ms. Barnett's belief that when small ones are vulnerable to difference in a favorable feeling, they will naturally embrace instead of fear it.

Flo has also published nostalgic novellas geared toward ages 9-99. Topics such as abuse, abuse and lack of a loved ones are researched in a sensitive manner so as to empower her readers treat memories of the past, or to either confront with certainty and courage.

Flo resides near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along with her hubby, Barry, along with her dog, Shadow.

Flo may be reached at: and onto Twitter @FloBarnett1

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