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Anchor Gloves were created to meet the requirements of people who need grip with much less effort. To be able to make the most of the capability to grab, pull and raise about, Anchor Gloves unite unique materials that permit.

"Anchor Traction Technology" is a patent pending combination of specific materials put on specific areas of the hand in order to boost a person's ability to grab, pull or lift. It is comprised of two segments, the "Friction Twist" and "Grip Layer." Both are developed after extensive testing of materials with the mission of developing.

The "Friction Twist" is found on the palms. It's comprised of a ballistic material that was selected for its durability, but also its ability to grasp. The "Grip Layer" is a silicone substance covering the majority of the hands region. This coating is the anchor which aids the hand-grip the object. Because of the placement and structure of these substances will undergo a substantial gain in the maximum weight they pull, lift, or even could grab.

Anchor Gloves offer a level of traction and service never before seen on the outdoor sporting market. These gloves are wonderful for sailing, rock climbing and rope climbing actions.

These gloves contain layout grip technology, seamless comfort as the gloves form to the hand construction, a strong nylon base , and while.

Anchor Gloves are additionally used by professional athletes in Sailing, Baseball and Fitness.

Anchor Glove Co. is situated in Newport Beach, California and is also the sole producer and distributor of Anchor Glove Co. merchandise.

Anchor Glove has 8 products available for sale in the category of Automotive.

Anchor Glove is rated 8 out of 10 based on 29 reviews.

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