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I have had issues with my weight for great portion of my entire life. In high school I moved to an all-boys military school where my classmates made fun of me for my weight. I had been overweight, dumb and dumb, so that I didn’t actually take part in any sport and became accustomed to being a spectator.

Once I finished college and began working, I continued to gain weight little by little. Not only was I about 40 pounds overweight, but my doctor, who was also a buddy of mine, also warned me that my blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol were from control. He also warned me that I was at the point of developing diabetes.

From that point, I always sought out professional help and started counting calories. Although I followed the diet exactly and lost about 20 lbs, there was a stage where I found myself stuck. Therefore, I ended up feeling discouraged and stopped after it. In a month or two, I gained back all of the weight I'd lost, in addition to an extra 10 or 12 lbs.

A few months later, I chose to try out a vegan diet. I lost weight, but just like using calorie-counting, I found myself stuck, and also very weak. Eventually I stopped after this diet too.

I chose to make other attempts at losing weight, such as exercising. Jogging specifically helped me shed a lot of weight, however I was forced to quit after I hurt myself while working. The weight, obviously, came back fairly rapidly.

My attempts at losing weight at turned into a torture. Regardless of this, I kept trying other methods.

After many failed diets, so I decided to acquire a better understanding of the metabolism. My desire to drop weight had practically turned into an obsession, and I wasn’t even ready to give up. I researched the subject of the metabolism and what associated with nutrition, digestion and some other topic that could in some way help me comprehend and

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