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Frank Ra is the author of this best-sellers "BioHarmonizing" and also "A class in pleasure". He's Associate Producer of Eckhart Tolle's movie Milton's Secret, also Chairman of the Eckhart Tolle Vancouver meetup.

Frank has been Italian, has spent most of his mature life in North America, England and Estonia, and travelling across the World. He settled in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He's a Dharma instructor; has been coaching and functioning in eCommunication because late 1995; he researched nutrition, business and graduated from International Relations and Diplomacy.

Traveling around the World and meeting different cultures, he knew what we will need to be happy is currently available here and now; we just need to look and realize the circumstance with open eyes. He think that life is the ultimate koan, with hints can be found both within and outside one's tradition, and the last answer lies only within oneself - or even the absence of it recognized in the traditional manner. You can contact him on

In Italian, AmAre means "to adore"; in English, interconnectedness: (I)Am (we) Are.) AmAre stands for being:
A - conscious and Accepting
M - significant and Motivated
A - Active and Attentive
R - Resilient and Respectful
E - Eating properly and Exercising

you'll be able to measure your AmAre Index on that also recommends daily updates regarding religious insights and evidence-based research, to ease living a joyful and meaningful life for the benefit of beings. It transports guest-posts from top professionals and researchers in various fields, from neuroscience to First Nations' intelligence, from Dharma to positive psychology, etc.. .

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