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Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz, was a American-born educated Buddhist teacher. Rama taught Buddhism in modern American terms while adhering to the greatest standards, considering that Buddhism had adapted in manners in nations like China, Japan, and Tibet.

He explained the core procedure as "Self-Discovery," and the religious practice as "The Enlightenment Cycle." The Enlightenment Cycle is a mix with complete involvement in the world, as opposed to a separation between worldly and monastic life. He believed that is the caliber of your morning meditation that enables workplace obstacles to be overcome by you, through excellence at the office internal energy is generated an evening outstanding biking. This daily cycle is the contemporary "short path" to enlightenment.

Though in 25 decades of teaching he held several public meditations for over 100,000 people, Rama worked right with only a couple of hundred students during most of that time. He incorporated also the mysticism described by Carlos Castaneda, along with other spiritual paths he believed were on the identical amount as Zen and Vajrayana Buddhism, particularly that the Vedanta tradition of Ramakrishna and Shankara. He tried to find things in life that could further one's self-discovery, and in computer science saw.

Rama, Frederick Lenz wrote a number of popular books about Buddhist teachings such as Lifetimes, True Accounts of Reincarnation; Complete Comfort: The Comprehensive Program for Overcoming Worry, Anxiety, Tension and Illness; Surfing the Himalayas and Snowboarding to Nirvana.

He was a Significant contributor to National Public Radio in Connecticut along with also a donor and supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Cancer Institute,

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