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Frank Mittelbach studied mathematics and computer science at the Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz. Nowadays he is working for HP Enterprise Services in an architect part.

His curiosity about LaTeX and in the automatic formatting of complex documents generally goes back to his college days and has come to be a significant interest, maybe a vocation. He is author or co-author of diverse and many LaTeX extension packages, including AmSLaTeX, doc, multicol, along with NFSS: the New Font Selection Scheme.

At the TUG conference at Stanford University in 1989 he gave a talk about the problems using LaTeX 2.09, that resulted in his carrying the obligation for the maintenance and further development of LaTeX. This endeavor is generally known as the Project and at the potential for technical manager of the project, he's overseen the big launch of LaTeX2e from 1994 along with the, by now, about 20 subsequent maintenance releases of this software.

His publication of several technical papers on LaTeX and on overall research results in automated formatting brought him in contact with Peter Gordon in Addison-Wesley. Peter and Frank inaugurated the publication series "Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting" (TTCT), with Frank as string editor. "The LaTeX Companion" (1994) was the very first publication of this series whose titles by now insure LaTeX in all its aspects. Forthcoming works will expand the heart to cover information processing tools and additional typesetting and theories.

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