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15 dark lush tales, from Telos Publishing 2017

Freda Warrington is your award-winning British writer of 21 fantasy novels (so far) such as Elfland (Romantic Times Best Fantasy Novel) along with Dracula the Undead (Dracula Society Best Gothic Novel). Titan Books release her Blood Wine ninja show - A Taste of Blood Wine and three sequels - "Addictive, exciting reads that are impossible to put down and they deserve additional attention." ( "Her prose is just stunning, flavorful, graceful and seductive." (Starburst).

She's also the author of another history/ dream carry in the story of King Richard III, The Court of the Midnight King. Sorcery and sword - A Blackbird in Silver and four sequels - had been a epic fantasy trilogy beginning with The Amber Citadel, and her oldest work, followed closely by a few novels. The sexy and irreverent contemporary 'Aetherial Tales' series, beginning with Elfland, adds to a body of work. Many of her titles are available on Kindle, Dark Cathedral not least the spellbinding supernatural duo and Pagan Moon.

Her most recent publication is her first collection of short tales, Nights of Blood Wine (Telos Publishing), with ten tales connected to her Blood Wine universe, and five more of gothic weirdness.

Freda was born in Leicester, UK, and worked for a few years in graphic design before becoming a fulltime writer. She now lives in rural Leicestershire, in which she stays very proud of the beautiful ancient scene of Charnwoodbeneath the discovery of the remains of King Richard III under a town centre car park: and Leicester City Football Club winning the Premier League in 2016, against all odds. Nobody tells her they've 'never heard of Leicester' any more!


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