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Ever since being founded in 1998, Future Press was dedicated to creating the highest quality match guides on the planet. Our team of highly skilled writers and designers work together to guarantee a harmonious and logical interplay between design and content. We’ve ever worked closely with all the most renowned and powerful publishers and publishers in the business, always aiming to redefine what a game manual can be.

Our focus is, and always was, on creating the greatest possible manual for the game we are covering. This is the reason why we only create one manual at a moment, together with our whole staff dedicated to its production. Our core team of writers is composed of highly skilled players, working together with single-project professional players who are among the best on the planet in the kind of game we're writing about. Our final objective is to provide the reader the best possible comprehension of the sport they're playing to deepen their enjoyment of playing it, regardless of their skill level.

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