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Growing up can be extremely hard for any kid, but imagine growing up around poltergeist activity and ghosts? G. Michael Vasey had just that kind of childhood, inducing ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange and scary supernatural happenings. In fact, he seemed to attract it, developing a fascination with the occult and supernatural from a young age and he's been fascinated ever since.

He's numerous supernatural strikes on either side of the pond with novels including My Haunted Life Too and Your haunted Length. Presently, he is focusing on a collection of Paranormal Kindle shorts on several topics known as Paranormal Eyewitness. Episode 3 - Poltergeist - The Noisy Ghosts is outside.

He's appeared on several radio shows like

• Mysterious Radio,
• Jim Harold’s paranormal podcasts,
• Authentic Ghost Stories Online and
• X Radio with Rob McConnell

sharing odd and scary stories along with his expertise in all matters supernatural. He's also been featured in Chat - Its Fate magazine was interviewed by Ghost Village and Novel Ideas among other people.

Whether you’ve heard among G. Michael Vasey’s tv looks, or read one of his books over the shoulders of an avid reader on the bus, or if you’ve just acquired an interest in the paranormal and stumbled upon this page… You are likely to dragged to the comic world of G. Michael Vasey, and you'll be hooked.

You'll be able to discover much more about the supernatural at, browse true scary stories at or tune in to his tweets at @gmvasey.

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