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Scott Graham is a career coach and business mentor in Boston, Massachusetts. Scott is made to assist customers follow their "accurate azimuth," that differs from "true north." It means training clients to identify the focus of their life -- something that speaks individually to them. This means recognizing the forces which push our lives off course so you get where you need to go, and adjusting to them. This means that when you're 90 years old and you look back to your life you have a sense of meaning, achievement, and pride -- with no regrets.

Scott writes "for pleasure" and to "stretch my abilities." That means you won't find books that match 1 topic or follow one format. Each publication has a different personality, tone, and point of view.

Scott is currently focusing on the next books: "After Your Vipassana Course is Over," "The Vital Guide to Misfit Activity Trackers," "A classic to the GR20," "Equanimity," "Living the 10 Paramis," "Mother's Budget Envelope System," "Universal Orlando Resort: A Guide for Mice Lovers," "Business Early Warning Signs," "Motivational Interviewing Made Easy two: Another Five Weeks," "Read This Before You Purchase a Timeshare," "The Way to Raise Your Coaching Practice," "Motivational Interviewing Made Easy 3: Cruise Control."

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