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I have had two big professions: programming and spoken languages. For languages, scroll down.
IT career.
I worked as a programmer for a significant insurance company. In 1976 I helped in the introduction of TSO into the staff by analyzing it, creating a TSO user's manual, writing Clists, instructing courses in TSO, and making recommendations on the technical assistance staff about TSO.
I labored on TSO government, managing user identification. I automated the administration by composing Clists, TSO native style controls, utilities, JCL, Assembler language applications, and MVS utilities.
At another major insurer I had been released to REXX on CMS, and there is a user guide for developers around REXX.
When TSO REXX became available in 1988, I began working together. A long time of that led to the creation of my book "REXX in the TSO Environment."
For a programming contractor, I automated the transfer of an whole data center's JCL and procedures to another data center, using REXX, IBM utilities, along with TSO/ISPF panels.
Once the publisher decided to drop mainframe books in 1996, the publication was no more published. Shortly after that I created a path to TSO REXX, also began teaching it in various companies throughout the nation, for example at an IBM website. I turned the trail into a book that I printed and marketed right on one of my websites until 2004.
Once I became aware of On Demand publishing, then I upgraded my book, converted it into electronic format and published it at 2012.

Language career.
I talked Italian as a child. I attended school. I loved the languages and cultures of Italy and France. I kept up with all my languages, now teaching part time at an global language school. In 2005 I started a language college in Connecticut, where I teach English as another language, and French, Italian. Over the years, I created large numbers of handouts

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