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Gabriella and Andrew Morrison designed and constructed hOMe, their small house, for $33,000 including all appliances and finishes. They've been residing in it full time because 2013 and also have saved tens of thousands of dollars by just not having any more housing obligations.

Gabriella and Andrew have over 20 years of experience within the industry of construction with a technical focus on eco friendly construction practices. Tiny house living became attractive to them after they realized that living the "American Dream" was really a nightmare and that the bigger the home that they moved in, the greater their family lively suffered. Living miniature has brought the family closer together than ever (they have a 20 year-old son and 17 year old daughter).

The few travels round the world presenting on miniature homes, minimalism, and the way to create an exceptional life. They also provide workshops that teach people how to construct and make a customized tiny house lifestyle. Gabriella and Andrew are passionate about empowering other people to break away from the rat race they can achieve their greatest life goals.

It is possible to read their site (that details their happy-go-lucky travel) and also discover more about hOMe, their movies, plans, and workshops:

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