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Gail Dayton started telling stories when she was five, even if Bambi came home by her from the movies, but she didn't compose any of them down until she was in fourth grade-- evena narrative of a cat. She discovered fairy tales not long after that, and also her horizons expanded.

A RITA finalist for Best First Novel in 2002 with Hide-and-Sheikh, a contemporary series romance from Silhouette Desire, '' Gail won the Aspen Gold award for her Convenient Millionaire (yet another Desire), and was an Prism Award finalist for The Compass Rose. She won the Best Fantasy Prism Award the next two Decades, for Your Barbed Rose and The Eternal Rose.

Gail resides along with her husband, youngest son, and granddog Dolly the Princess Pitbull, on the Texas Gulf Coast, two blocks from the shore. The problem with living at the shore is that you have to LIVE in the beach. You still have laundry and housework and these, only with sand. On the other hand, the beach makes up for this.

She is a voracious reader, devouring over 200 books a year, in most genres, especially of romance. She is a big wimp, therefore she doesn't read suspense/thrillers/really scary books, or terror--though if it is fantasy or science fiction, it doesn't bother her so much, because obviously, it is not real. And she finds a lot of literary fiction dull.

Anything she reads, she writes, which means she's written contemporary romance, historical romance, "straight" historic, epic fantasy, fantasy romance and a number of other genres, because she adores everything. Admittedly, science fiction and fantasy are old favorites--she started reading these back when she still thought kissing was icky...

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