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Gary Swoboda's book, HUNGRY TIGERS, is a forthright look in the outbreak problem of dependency, told via the writer's decades-long struggle with alcohol and drugs and his candid look in the depression and worries that culminated him in self-medication. His narrative includes the loss of an friend's heroin overdose death, in addition to two cherished stepsons, equally addiction-related just hours before the writer checked himself into rehab . Was clean and sober the writer gives a cursory look in recovery a testimony which has prompted readers to cite this function, too as both timely and timeless. Reviews echo the words "persuasive" and "motivational" as well as enthusiastically laud the comedy with this often-devastating narrative has been interlaced. The author was involved in volunteer therapy plans from prisons and hospitals for many years, sharing his expertise and expect regarding healing from addiction. Mr. Swoboda was first born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and continues to reside in the region with his wife, Judy. The writer wishes to thank the countless readers that have expressed their gratitude for his work and along with his wife through their reductions. "Where there's breath, there is hope"

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