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His time accounts between writing and teaching Biology courses. Gary is famous for his diverse and educational stories in novel format like such titles as Renfield, Baker Street, Red Diaries, and Saint Germaine. Utilizing a sensibility structured about literary and historical figures, Gary is notorious for providing thought provoking stories which avoid the skim of sequential novels. His tale of a supernatural holocaust, Deadworld, is among the longest running independent comic books and can be declared to be a significant motion picture. In addition to graphic novels, Gary is presently working on two books, and has also written young adult novels, screenplays, role playing games. In his first career, Gary was the creator and publisher of Caliber Press, among the more popular publishers of the 1990's. Caliber helped to launch the careers of heaps on the top creators of today. Gary's writing and publishing have been nominated and awarded numerous industry awards. Gary was Vice President of McFarlane Toys, a company that revolutionized the industry. As an adjunct professor, Gary teaches a variety of Biology classes including General Biology, Evolution, Anatomy and Physiology, etc.. Gary was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and still stays in the area with his wife, Jennifer. They have four daughters: Erica, and Stephanie, Jessica, Alison.

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