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The Garrity family of Flashlights offer the ideal balance between market and features. Each Garrity Flashlight is constructed out of durable materials that could withstand whatever test you place it through. Great to be used in the great outdoors or in the garage, these flashlights can glow a consistent, glowing light where you require it.  

In additon to the flexibility for many different jobs, Garrity Flashlights will also be key for your personal emergency preparedness. Every Garrity Flashlight includes batteries, which means you're ready to go if you need portable light. The LED technologies in our flashlights also suggests that battery life will be prolonged. For people who shop flashlights at a particular drawer in the home, this usually means you can keep it, forget about it, and the lighting will still be ready for you.  

The Garrity family of flashlights has a lengthy history of excellence. Launched in 1967 by Paul G. Garrity Sr., Garrity Industries introduced the first disposable cigarette lighter from North America. Garrity Industries also introduced the first disposable flashlights with batteries sealed inside, the Garrity Life Lite.

From the 1990's Garrity Industries created a series of rechargeable flashlights and lanterns that became the industry standard for several decades. The organization also merged plastic with rubber to create a new segment of the lighting industry based around ruggedness and durability.  

The 2000's are a significant growth period for Garrity Industries. The Garrity name became nationally recognized following the attacks on 9/11 because of the corporation's generous donation of thousands of Life Lites into firefighters and emergency personnel working to save the lives of those trapped in rubble. The company also developed one of the very first series of LED flashlights, and most recently, has been obtained by Duracell, a Proctor & Gamble Company.

Garrity has 24 products available for sale in the category of Tools & Home Improvement.

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