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Angela Dorsey doesn't know which she loved initially, horses or books, because she has adored both for. In fact, she rode her horse when she was three years older - she climbed through a fence and onto the rear of a horse sleeping into a area. Was she surprised if the horse started carrying her away and stood up!

Nearly as much as riding and reading and hanging out with horses, she adored to daydream - so it was the most ordinary thing in the world for her to eventually turn into a writer of horse books. She's written twenty-five books, and horses are in the middle of twenty-four of them. Three of her novels are novels that are individual, but the rest have been at Whinnies around the Universe, Freedom, '' Horse Guardian, and three string.

Her novels have been translated into two distinct languages and sold in several nations around the globe. Which brings us to one of Angela's favorite things about composing: the viewers! Angela believes it a fantastic honour to write books for the millions of readers that appear to love her novels, and she expects to be writing novels for them for several years to come.

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