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George Mumford’s moving personal narrative. A basketball player at the University of Massachusetts (where he roomed with Dr. J, Julius Erving), harms compelled Mumford out of the game that he loved. The medications that relieved the pain of the injuries additionally numbed him to the emptiness he felt without the match and led him into heroin.

Following years of Creating meditation on and off the cushion the center of his own life and getting fresh, Mumford enrolled in Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program and collaborated together to create the Inner-city Stress Reduction Clinic in the early nineties.

When Michael Jordan made the Chicago Bulls to play baseball in 1993, the team was in catastrophe. Coach Phil Jackson, a long-time mindfulness prowho contacted Dr. Kabat-Zinn to find someone who could teach mindfulness methods to the fighting team—someone who'd have authenticity and could speak the language of his players. Kabat-Zinn led Jackson to Mumford and also their partnership started.

Mumford has worked with Jackson and a number of the teams he coached to become NBA winners. His roster of champion clients has blossomed way to add Olympians, executives, and athletes in many sports.

He currently works with Jackson's New York Knicks.

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