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I made the kanji course because it was the type of tool I wished had been around when I was studying kanji myself. I genuinely hope that it's going to help you on your way into a more direct and profound comprehension of Japan and its people. To support your studies with the kanji course, I've created a writing training workbook ( /2dvKpFF), a wall chart ( /2dJ3ZB9), and also a series of graded studying sets ( I expect you will wind up the proprietor of the kit! ** I warmly invite you to use to track your improvement with the KLC, form study groups, ask questions, etc.. ** If you're working on dominating kana, please do take full benefit of my unpresuming The Ultimate Kana Wall Chart: A Visual Guide to Western Phonetic Writing ( /24vKorE). ** Connect with me asc349 [at] mail [dot] harvard [dot] edu. Thanks to your interest, and best wishes to the research.

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