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Geoffrey Hoppe is creator of the Crimson Circle and messenger for Tobias, Adamus® Saint-Germain along with Kuthumi lal Singh. Geoffrey fulfilled Tobias, an angelic being, in 1997 on an airplane airport coming home. Tobias declared, "I'm here to work with you" and directed Geoffrey through a really intense one-year spiritual boot camp. The Crimson Circle started in August 1999 if Geoffrey began sharing his conversations with Tobias during yearly channeled sessions. The Crimson Circle has become a global association of New Energy teachers. The Crimson Circle also trains and certifies teachers in a variety of spiritual subjects like Death, Birth, Ascension, Aspectology, Fireplace and Sexual Energies.

Before founding the Crimson Circle, Geoffrey was included in industry for 25 years. He started and managed a marketing consulting business in Dallas, Texas for 15 decades, and has been also a co-founder of AirCell, Inc., an huge aviation telecommunications firm located in Colorado. He has holds three specialized U.S. patents for Multi Dimensional Communications. Geoffrey and his wife Linda live in the Colorado (USA) Rocky Mountains. They traveling over 100,000 miles per year and have presented workshops and colleges in over 25 countries. The website offers a free library of messages out of Tobias, Admaus Saint-Germain along with Kuthumi lal Singh as 1999 at

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