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Angelina Stevens aka Brenda Archie Whiddon is writer, poet and an American artist. She started her writing career writing for women magazines in North America, Sterling/McFadden's biggest publication. Romance tales, and self-help that was romantic, and her poetry also appeared in magazines. Over the years her interests switched from writing articles. Currently she's the self-published author of the following titles:

1. More - Long past all the animals on the planet lived in peace. When an army of squirrels took on the animal kingdom, but peace finished. They pressured the animals to gather nuts for them. Until one day an angry beaver stood up and shouted, "No longer!"

2. The Gold Princess (co-authored with Rhonda Archie) - Princess Naima has been the youngest son of the Gold Kingdom's imperial household. She was sheltered most of her own life, and dreamed of the day that she would experience life and love. Little did she know that she would soon find both. His dad Prince Kyan Prince Zareb, along with royals in the Middle Kingdom traveled for the marriage of King Aaron's daughter to the Gold Kingdom. He was weary of his family, because he knew that they coveted the riches of the Gold Kingdom, and his dad was not trusted by Prince Zareb. There was something bad planned. But what? Prince Zareb intended to keep a close watch on his father and brother, but he was determined to meet with with the famous beauty of the Gold Kingdom. . .Princess Naima.

3. Naima the Mermaid Meets Dragon Boy (Naima that the Mermaid and Dragon Boy) - Naima is half-human and half-mermaid. One night as the moon becomes full she meets a monster who transforms to a boy right before her eyes. Several things can happen during a New Moon. Not merely do mermaids take their tails off and

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