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Gerina Dunwich is an American author, best known for her books on various occult topics and Wicca. She's also a professional astrologer and a researcher.

A respected spokesperson for the Wiccan/Pagan neighborhood, Dunwich was a guest on numerous radio talk shows throughout the United States and Canada. She has lectured and presented workshops at festivals and gatherings Throughout the country, such as the CraftWise Pagan Gathering (Waterbury, Connecticut), the Real Witches' Ball (Columbus, Ohio), also Panpipes' Pagan Day Festival (West Hollywood, California).

Dunwich's biography is listed in a number of reference works, such as Who's Who in the East, Personalities of America, The Wicca Source Book, The Modern Witch's Complete Sourcebook, also Crossroads: Who is Who of the Magickal Community (printed by The Witching Well Education and Research Center, 1988). She is also mentioned in Anne Carson's Goddesses and Wise Women (The Crossing Press, 1992) along with other functions. Her articles, poetry, and reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Playgirl, American Woman, Magical Blend, Sage Woman, Circle Network News, and Pagan Free Press.

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