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Geral N. Scott grew up in California, Michigan, California (back), Nevada, Utah and eventually Washington State. After graduating from high school, he worked as a baker , subsequently spent a few years in Japan in which he learned to speak the language and also to do live-direct-translating of spoken Japanese for a while. Mr. Scott returned to the United States to complete a science degree when employed as a baker (mornings and weekends) and as a apprentice embalmer (afternoons and evenings). Somehow Geral forgot to inform the bakery regarding the embalming, although the sour was known about by the house. He believed since he had been living in the home they figure it out - . A avid reader of fiction from a very young age, he did not learn to enjoy writing until his freshman year of school, where a professional writer/adjunct professor mentored Geral and convinced him, regardless of his mathematics education, he had been destined to write stories for a living. Geral has since tried to locate that scientist, but thus far the guy has eluded capture and punishment. After completing his bakery apprenticeship his his period in the funeral house, he and his young wife built a home, had 4 children, traveled, camped, performed and did just enough real work and writing to keep a roof above their heads and rice and beans on the desk. Now the kids are all not as actual work and more writing!

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