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Igot the MS degree in Botany and also've been my life. All my previous experience and education did not help 1 bit when my husband and I moved to northeast Florida in 2004 and attempted to garden here. That first fall I planted 48 tulips. The spring 1 foliage! The tulip lesson has been just among the I experienced in my Florida gardening experiences. I guessed that I was not the sole real gardener, so I bought some novels that were Florida-based opened my own botany texts, joined the Florida Native Plant Society, and began to investigate Florida gardening. I started keeping a backyard log and composing a less or more column sharing our failures and successes. My columns are not ivory or armchair tower topics, although I've covered a selection of themes over the years. I am outside in my yard with dirt under my fingernails, testing methods and analyzing the results as I work to make our landscape sustainable.

Back in March 2006, after hearing John Byram, editor-and-chief of University Press of Florida, discuss how The Press was constantly searching for subjects related to Florida, I asked whether he would be interested in republishing a collection of my Transplanted Gardener columns. He declined, however, asked if I'd write a book on gardening in Florida. I agreed, because it is a topic with wider appeal, however, after more study on the subjects my first publication proposal was to get gardening instead of organic gardening.

After much research and several rewrites, Divine Gardening for Florida premiered in July 2009. Once my book was at its second print, John again asked if I could compose an organic gardening book. This time I really did. I worked with Melissa Contreras, founder of the Urban Oasis Project

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