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Dr. Ginny Trierweiler is a child psychologist and parent coach who lives in Denver, Colorado. She did her undergraduate studies shifting from a major in music and grew up in a town. She lived for a time with a excellent family in Mexico City, for working in English in addition to Spanish, in which her college Spanish flipped into a fluency.

After working with hundreds of parents and caregivers, Dr. Ginny was feeling discouraged at just how a lot of the emotional problems of kids might have been prevented if their parents and practitioners knew about child development. It was a visit to a Montessori school that really enlightened her about the colorful potential of young children and made her realize how much our child-rearing practices have transformed, in some positive ways, but also in some ways that have led to holding back children's development.

Amazed at the intellect, maturity, grace and courtesy exhibited by the young kids in that application, Dr. Ginny and her colleague made a decision to run an observational research in that school to find out what made it possible for very young kids to demonstrate such maturity, intellect, ability, confidence, thought, along with a deep, self-motivated pleasure of education. They discovered a pair of inter-related keys to unleashing the brilliance of their child.

That resulted in a different question-- Why aren't most young kids exhibiting the smart, positive, considerate behavior that we found in this college? Thus, Dr. Ginny then examined the literature to identify fluctuations in child-rearing that might explain the gaps.
She emerged from these years of study with a excellent passion to awaken as many individuals as you can to the native wisdom and organic learning pushes of young children.


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