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As far as Germán is concerned, he was the man for this job. He is one of the pioneers in the research of fascination in Argentina. He is also one of the most experienced trainers in Latin America, possibly the most seasoned.

I have witnessed how hundreds of guys who attended LevantArt were trained by Germán to boost their nightclub skills, and they thanked him heatedly because of his tips, his devotion and his shared wisdom. But most importantly, I would like to highlight that Germán is not simply a theorist of seduction, a writer dedicated to that area or, as they state in the seduction community, a keyboardjockey; he's among those experts that has most put into practice all the concepts and techniques that circulate in the world of seduction. I've witnessed it, I have seen him dozens of times, trying all types of items out, not rejecting or adopting any theory. And so he improved, on a trial-and-error foundation, and developed what he now shares with us in this publication.

Martín Rieznik, co-founder of Levantart

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