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The author is a freelance journalist and a confessed diet enthusiast!

In his quest to understand the Paleo diet he has interviewed New York Times Bestselling Author, Robb Wolf, 'Father of the Modern Paleo Movement', '' Dr. Loren Cordain and popular writer and writer Nell Stephenson.

He also loves writing recipes and is the author of '50 Paleo Unique Paleo Recipes You Will Love' apart from your Bestseller 'Unravelling Paleo'. He is also a fan of the Ketogenic Diet, for weight reduction. His latest set of 3 books ("The Unbelievably Ketogenic" Cookbooks) are all #1 Bestsellers from the 'Low Carb' class.

If he is not exploring his favourite diet or writing to get a journalism platform, you'll find him lost in a heap of papers trying to find that amazing diet article he had read last year!

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