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Grace Hamilton is the prepper pen-name to get a bad-ass, survivalist momma-bear of four kids, and wife to a superb husband. She decided she never wished to feel so powerless or have to send her children to bed starving again after being stuck for fourteen days following a flash flood. Now she understands that when SHTF or TEOTWAWKI occurs, she & #x 2019; ll be ready to help safeguard and provide for the loved ones and resides the prepper way of life.

Blend this survivalist mentality with a brilliant imagination (as well as a somewhat poor day dreaming custom) and you get a prepper fiction writer. Grace spends her days considering the worst possible survival situations that someone may be thrown to, then throwing her characters in these nightmares while trying to work out "What SHOULD you do in this circumstance?"

It’s her desire that through her characters, you will get to experience what life will be similar to and basically learn from their mistakes and experiences, so that you also can survive!

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