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Until a auto accident in her late adolescents shifted everything Grace grew up in mainstream culture. She was rushed to hospital in a crucial condition, with 48 bones that were broken. In the right time of the accident, Grace woke up amazingly aware and psychic and had a near death experience.

Grace can associate to the numerous challenges individuals face, she’s been “there and done that” having diverse life experiences and the related highs and lows covering the full emotional spectrum. She has 3 kids. She’s been the spouse of a senator, traveled the globe, met famous men and women, is a single mother, and knows what it’so like to fight and encounter physical pain that is intense.

Grace is an expert clairvoyant medium, also has read for famous actors and politicians. While Grace was encouraging her novel 'The Peacemaker's Way', she was approached with the Dalai Lama bowl players, who gifted her with some of the Tibetan singing bowls, starting up a new avenue for Grace of sound that is therapeutic. Grace subsequently produced CDs of therapeutic, meditative music that's mesmerizing.

Grace has had a fascinating life journey full of many circumstances that directed her into a point of seeking and a understanding that there HAD to be something higher than that. By means of this questing Grace found the tools of accessibility Consciousness® which has propelled Grace ahead to a life of boundless possibilities and will often be heard giggling...
"How does this get any better than that?"

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