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I hope what gives my books their awareness of credibility, besides the natural inculcation of the island physical and cultural landscape, which ends up in my sentences with osmosis, is my own use of language. In Hawaii we frequently speak what we predict pidgin English, a kind of tropical patois. For instance, in Standard English one would say, "I am going home" In Hawaiian pidgin it would be, "I going home" A simple matter, but within the span of a publication it becomes a bigger thing, portion of a character being. It evolves. Syntax, also, creates that feeling of authenticity. It comes to me naturally, thank heaven. I don't need to work in it since I simply hear it. When I had to fake it I'd be laughed off the face of the planet. Therefore, growing up in the oceans was my gift. My writing is just me spewing it back again.

As for the work itself, I'm big on certain issues having to do with boys and developing up. I guess that is so because of my own fractured upbringing. Much of who I'm is self-imposed. I'm my decisions, and I've chosen to walk a certain path. Significant to me are these qualities as honesty, friendship, honour, loyalty, integrity, courage, passion and work. Life for anybody is a series of options, and I trust that fact gets some drama in my own books. Luckily for me I have made some great decisions. It may have been quite different. I might have taken pride in the incorrect moves, as many boys do. It is cool to be difficult. Beating out the spit of someone is fantastic for the rep. It's honorable to attack someone who "disrespects" you, perhaps, inadvertently bumping into you (Hey! You like I broke your head or what?) . Right. I could have dropped into that mindset. However, I didn't, and that I lay all charge to this on one man: James Monroe Taylor, my high school headmaster.

At the conclusion of the sixth grade my mom saw the light - she kicked my pitiful okole from the home and sent me to boarding school. It had been in the

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