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Andy Johnson had no idea she'd ever be a published writer, let alone one who composed popular books that are self-improvement. Until she was 30 years old, Andy had fought with overeating, also at age 29, she believed her deepest at almost 250 pounds.

“I was very unhappy. I had no social life in any respect,” Johnson recalls, “I worked as a dispatcher for the local police department, therefore I had been about qualified guys all of the time, but they just looked straight past me. ”

Her weight wasn’t only causing her emotional pain, but physical pain also.

“I wasn’t sleeping well, since I'd sleep apnea. My ankles and knees hurt. In my yearly physical year, the physician told me that both those issues will be solved if I would drop some weight,” she recounts, “Then he added, ‘You won’t live a very long life if your weight continues to increase. ’ I recall leaving his office believing that when I didn’t change, my miserable life, was going for a brief one. This was the day which I exercised. ”

Johnson walked one time round her block and recalls panting with effort when she finished. She found a aid group that was overeating, and started attending meetings. Each day, she chose to walk. Three weeks after that doctor’therefore appointment, Johnson had lost 25 lbs.

“It felt so good to lose the weight, but additionally, it felt good to eat correctly and workout,” Johnson states, “'' I felt like I'd stumbled upon a trick, that diet and exercise felt good! I shared it with everyone who asked me how I was shedding the weight. ”

Another 3 months afterwards, Johnson’s fat was below 200 pounds for the first time in her adult life, and she'd started running. She had been sponsoring newcomers inside her overeating support team. One evening, while shopping on Amazon for

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