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Gregg Dunnett functioned to find the magazine campaigning for almost ten years as Photographer and Staff Writer. He had been sent round the globe reporting on competitions and locations and testing equipment. Eventually Boards went bankrupt, which wasn't completely his fault, and he turned to writing books instead. His first to be published was that the emotional thriller 'The Wave at Hanging Rock'. This reached the number one position in the Amazon free listings in britain, US and Australia, along with the best one billion in the paid charts.

His second publication 'The Desert Run' was released in May 2017 and explores whether one little crime is enough to make a person a criminal.

His next book is a psychological thriller called 'The situations you see in Rockpools' and will probably be released in late 2017.

Gregg lives on the united kingdom’s south shore with his spouse Maria and their two young children Alba and Rafa.

Gregg about why he writes:

"I’t always wished to do two things in existence, to compose, and to have adventures. I imagined affairs once I was a kid. Kayaking across Canada, cycling to Australia. Whole summers in the Arctic. Can it occur? Well, partly.

I’ve been lucky, I spent a while overseas teaching English. I labored in sailing schools in Greece and Spain. I truly lucked out with a job testing windsurfing boards to the magazine that I grew up on reading. I chose a questionable conclusion (ok, a bad choice) to buy a windsurfing centre in Egypt. I’t done my fair share of jobs. Piling and packing potatoes onto a farm, which made me fitter than I’ve ever been in my own life. I have done a couple of years in local government which taught me that people really do have encounters that result just in the demand for more encounters, and they really do take all day. I spent at a giant novel warehouse, where I would deliberately get lost among the kilometers of

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