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Hello readers, please allow me to take a moment and share with you how I became an inspirational writer.

During my first years after I was still at high school, writing and reading has never been a true interest of mine. My interest for reading about the success of people came about in the early 2000's when the few jobs did not turn out. Through reading about the success of others, I also learned a excellent deal that most people had to endure to be able to get to where they are. From that I took better myself inspiration, I worked harder and smarter every day for the following years. Due to that one inspiration and years of hard work, I think I could safely say that I finally have a amount of success in my own career. Seeing one idea turned my life I started to share my story with friends and family. 1 thing lead to another, so I was composing inspirational self-help publications that focuses on the lifetime success stories of men and women that are famous. There are many books on the biography of these people, but what is missing are short, to the point books on how these people got there in the first place that place focus. In my books, I plan to bring about my subscribers inspirational stories that are easy to read, simple, and to the purpose. The idea is to have my readers take home something that they can live by and in doing their lives. I Hope you would require yourself inspiration throughout the life stories of these people that are famous.

Enjoy! - Gregory Watson

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