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Greg Mathieson is comfortable working in war zones as he's at the White House. For over 27 decades, he's chronicled the epic life of the men and women in uniform, and our celebrity crossed the press and actors concentrated lifestyles of those who make the choices about American coverage.

Born and raised in Glen Cove, Long Island this 11 year U.S. Army veteran's leading reputation has enabled him to repeatedly cross the line functioning for challenging news organizations as well as the Federal government having equal objectivity. From intimate portraits of the famous to the private lives of the strong, rich and infamous

Few photographers working now have covered as many traumatic present events, political watersheds, cultural and historical milestones as Mathieson. Since establishing his bureau, MAI Photo News Agency at 1981, Mathieson was called on by these agencies as the U.S. Secret Service, FEMA, The US Justice Department and the military agencies to create images that capture the core values of these agencies in support to the American individuals. His editorial images have appeared on the covers of Life, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, The New York Times, Paris Match and more around the globe; in 64 countries.

And Mathieson is not only well known in the corridors of political authority and the halls of the Pentagon. This veteran of the Vietnam age has used his deep understanding of the American army through exploits, by the jungles of Panama and Honduras, into the ocean seas, into the Korean DMZ and the Wars from the Persian Gulf, including Desert Storm as well as the invasion of Iraq. He's highly educated on the lines spent 15 years moving in and outside for months a time, constituting the struggle of both Kurdish and Iraqi individuals, of Iraq. He has been the fi and dwelt with the Contra Rebels on the jungle boarders of Nicaragua combating the Sandinista

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