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Gray Cook, a practicing physical therapist, who has spent his whole career refining and developing functional evaluation exercise techniques. He has accepted the Functional Movement Screen and also his innovative evaluation clinics and combined them with reactive-based exercises that improve motor learning. Both of These components are the pillars of the Reebok Core Training System.

Gray's capacity to teach at a variety of professional levels is the consequence of his varied background. He's a naturopathic naturopathic medical specialist with the American Physical Therapy Association. Gray is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a Level I coach using the U. S. Weight Lifting Federation. He combines his clinical abilities with more than seven decades of professional instruction and lecturing expertise.

Gray has lectured nationally and globally in the fields of physical therapy, sports medicine and performance enhancement. He's functioned as an advisor to many colleges and professional sports clubs in all four major sports. His is author of the new novel Athletic Body in Balance which serves as a functioning example of the exceptional way Cook looks at assessment, motion, and exercise. He is also the author of many text book chapters and articles related to those topics too.

Gray's consulting isn't restricted to rehabilitation and sports medicine. He is equally sought after for his guidance on conditioning and performance improvement. Gray currently practices physical therapy in Southwest Virginia and continues to publish and current issues related to exercise and rehabilitation. He is also part of this Perform Better specialist consulting faculty and a teacher with the North American Sports Medicine Institute.

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