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I am Gregory Smith, the Writer of "Evidence of Infidelity - The Way to Know for Sure if your Partner is Cheating", "The Way To Electronically Spy on Your Cheating Lover", and "How to Recover Recover from Having Been Cheated On".

I am also the Creator of - which since 2007, has coached and counseled thousands of individuals through various scenarios involving adultery ... including midlife emergency occasions, extra-marital occasions, sexual addiction, boyfriend / spouse cheating, one-night stands, philandering, etc.. I have seen actually EVERYTHING with regard to how people hide their infidelities ... exactly what they are doing, how they do it, how they hide things, and how they have been uncovered. I have also witnessed the horrible harm that affairs or cheating does to their spouses, their own families, ... to the lives of everyone.

I've composed the 3 books here on Amazon in order to help people determine if they have been cheated on, then how to successfully recover from it. The more quickly you know with certainty if you have been cheated on, the sooner you are able to figure out what to do next ... and the more quickly you can begin your own private journey toward restoration and ultimate happiness. I will show you the way - and what will be OK. You are one day closer to finding happiness and the peace that you deserve, and placing these experiences into your rear-view mirror!

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