Greeting Pen

Greeting Pens® are much better compared to greeting cards!   Greeting Pens® are read and used every day.... While cards have been read only once and then place off!

Greeting Pens® would be the most unique keepsake - merging beatiful art and thoughtful sentiments like a greeting card with all the practicality and usefulness of some fine writing instrument.   Each Greeting Pen® features it's own distinctive art design and 4 lines of message that rotate into view throughout the pen's "window."  

CLICK & READ!   This is NOT JUST A PEN!   We sell SMILES!   Multiple pen layouts are available to celebrate and spread the Great News seeing:  Scripture, Inspiring Messages, Breast Cancer Awareness, Collegiate Pride, the Serenity Prayer, American Pride, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Baby Events, #1 Teachers, #1 Nurses, and so much more!

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