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Greeting Pens® are much better compared to greeting cards!   Greeting Pens® are read and used every day.... While cards have been read only once and then place off!

Greeting Pens® would be the most unique keepsake - merging beatiful art and thoughtful sentiments like a greeting card with all the practicality and usefulness of some fine writing instrument.   Each Greeting Pen® features it's own distinctive art design and 4 lines of message that rotate into view throughout the pen's "window."  

CLICK & READ!   This is NOT JUST A PEN!   We sell SMILES!   Multiple pen layouts are available to celebrate and spread the Great News seeing:  Scripture, Inspiring Messages, Breast Cancer Awareness, Collegiate Pride, the Serenity Prayer, American Pride, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Baby Events, #1 Teachers, #1 Nurses, and so much more!

Greeting Pen has 40 products available for sale in the category of Office Products.

Greeting Pen is rated 8 out of 10 based on 200 reviews.

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Greeting Pen Ballpoint Retractable 09227 15 product image


Greeting Pen Corinthians Scripture 36048 product image


Greeting Pen Scripture Rotating 36038 product image


Greeting Pen Scripture Rotating 09224 product image


Greeting Pen Awareness Canister Assorted product image


Greeting Pen Scripture Rotating 36031 product image


Greeting Pen University Florida 20526 product image


Greeting Pen Rotating Messages 36503 product image


Greeting Pen Angel Friend Appreciation Pens with Rotating Messages 6 Pen Set 36513 product image


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Greeting Pen Translucent 12 Pen Set with Motivational Inspirational Quotes 6 Designs 46006 product image