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I am a New Zealand based Primary school instructor, with a love of reading and utilizing simulation and gamification in a classroom context. I specifically enjoy using SimCity and Minecraft to instruct topics from writing and reading through to maths, science theories and social studies.

I created the Steve Surname Adventures Series (c), to appeal to a regular cohort of 8-11 year old boys that really did not find any point in reading. But they LOVED computer games - especially Minecraft (who wouldn't, it is great!) They were what we call 'reluctant readers' who did not really 'get' why books were interesting or fun. In some cases, these exact children had a reading level that was beginning to fall behind, which that I wanted to compose a chapter book set (because they needed to read chapter books just like their mates) but using big print, high frequency phrases and everyday vocabulary. I'd tried them on Zac Power and Jack Stalwart (that are also perfect for Hi-Lo subscribers) and sometimes these functioned, but these sometimes failed to stimulate their interest.

I put my stories in the pc game World of Minecraft, as research demonstrates that students who can read novels where they've really in-depth prior content knowledge, most easily engage with this text. Using characters, pictures and words they have an almost encyclopedic comprehension of , the boys hooked from the start to the stories and their curiosity levels were higher than for some other 'boy' texts I had attempted. I possess my Zac Powers and Jack Stalwart books, and those make great texts for these boys to proceed to, when they've discovered the previously hidden joys of the written word through a context they already love and know.

I have received excellent feedback on the publications from students, teachers and parents throughout the web site and through writer visits to other colleges in my local and area libraries. The

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