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I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and from a very early age found that I loved to write. The writing did not really go anywhere until the, when I wrote and published my first book, a how-to guide on establishing a electrical system. There have been more, and the one is “Affordable Paradise,” now in its Fourth Edition.

Within the years before and throughout my "writing years," my assignment, after spending my first two years in town, would be to permanently escape this environment. Ever since I was quite small, our family moved on an yearly vacation up into the Sierra in which my Dad loved to be. I did. I cried when we had to depart. I would ask Dad not move there. His answer was that it was impossible to find job there. I didn't have that, since obviously there were people living there who did figure out how to find work, but that would need to remain a mystery until I was old enough to leave residence.

Fast forward a couple of years : In 1974, my new Bride and I packed up everything we owned and proceeded into some lovely owner-built A-frame on four acres in the woods of northwestern Oregon. This was to be our introduction into our goal of homesteading. We remained there for four years. During that time we built a gorgeous workshop and studio building and also a poultry house from finished materials, and we all raised chickens and planted a vegetable garden.

We're growing worried and unchallenged in our quest, and then a lot of looking, we finally set a down payment on a 108 acres of pines and oaks on the northeast slope of Mt. Hood. It was 16 miles from the closest town and 8 kilometers from the closest road and powerline. There wasn't as much as a drop on the property, just like driving along a washed out riverbed and those previous eight kilometers of road have been. It

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