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H E Joyce lives one of the beautiful Chilterns of Buckinghamshire, England, along with his wife and black Labrador. He has four grandchildren and two children.
Thrillers with unexpected twists would be the genre he enjoys reading and writing, playing mind-games together with his viewers.
The majority of his books are available in paperback along with audiobooks as well as kindle versions.

Readers Opinions:

"A nicely written short story reminiscent of M.R James et al.. I'm such an addict of all things paranormal and download many to my Kindle app, but most are not as skillfully composed as it has all of the needs of an eerie story"

"I think others have compared HE Joyce's writing to the haunting yet chilling manner of MR James, and I would definitely agree to this, except to mention this story is modern, yet loses none of the 'British village' charm that is timeless. Indeed The Reaping is a timeless story, a story of profound, mesmerising terror"

"Lets just say to start with I read this book in a few days, I actually couldn't put it down! The twists in the story were very surprising. Certainly worth reading thoroughly enjoyed it, a story line which keeps you interested and in love. Please publish more!!!"

"H. E. Joyce tells an intensive, fast-paced story about an accountant, Tony Lovett who works for Mr. Goddard's business. After working his way up to a greater place, Tony loses his work and his status in society while his boss lives in the lap of luxury with his mistress. Subsequently Tony has a very mystical assembly with Jemma at the Cuckoo Club.
Mr. Joyce is a wonderful storyteller who is able to hold your focus."

"An entertaining story that implies throughout, something mysterious will take place."

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