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Octogenarian, H. Avery Chenoweth, Sr., gained artwork degrees from Princeton and also the Univ. of Florida, spent a career in nationwide television broadcasting and advertising on Madison Avenue in NYC (nationwide TV and advertising awards). Colonel US Marine Corps Reserve, infantry combat veteran of Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf wars (Legion of Merit); army combat artist and historian: Barnes & Noble published his oversize exemplified ART OF WAR (2002) along with SEMPER FI (2005 & 2010). KINDLE EBooks comprise: (1) a book "FAITH: Can it be Stephen's wife Religion, or his spiritual Religion, which leads him to his Fate? ," an adult romantic/tragedy. (2) "THE last BATTLE: Assassination of the re-elected president at the 2013 inauguration," causing world chaos, along with a conclusive struggle that will astound. (3) "TO BANBURY CROSS AND OTHER WAGGING TALES": adult short stories which are shocking, titillating, eccentric, irreverent, brutal, nightmarish, touching, iconoclastic, politically wrong—and memorable! ...
. . .and many more EBooks to come back.

I guess at this stage I am a polymath and also in retirement is now able to dedicate my writing to many of the wonderful things that have happened to me or that I have seen in a universe from the amazing "Finest Generation's" to the crazies of today's. I follow carefully the generational, economic, political, and financial trials and tribulations that confront and undermine civilization as we have known it.

My writings I expect, will soon be known as insightful and worthy and not not end up residing completely from the oblivion of the yottabytes of gathered intelligence.

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