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H H Fowler is an Amazon Bestselling Author of more than 12 books, such as the Church Boyz along with Church Gurlz series. He resides in the Bahamas and enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

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1) Conceived in the agony of Switzerland, but Fowler's parents reunite into the Bahamas in which he was born and reared a beachfront Item.

Two) A cosmopolitan in mind, Fowler's interest in the ability of writing was ignited in the age of 13.

3) His very first poem, inspired by his Literary teacher was published at age 14 by a famous publishing business in Washington D.C.

4) Fowler plays piano and the drums.

5) Married since 2003 to the exact same woman. They have twin girls and one son.

6) Loves to watch HGTV.

7) Worked in the banking system for over 12 years before venturing into composing full-time.

8) Did I mention he's a fulltime writer?

9) Agatha Christie, John Grisham and Jerry B. Jenkins are some of his favorite writers.

10) Youth leader in his church.

11) Graduated from college as the valedictorian and was selected to speak on behalf of all the graduates.

12) Reads around three novels a month. The remainder of the time is spent his bestselling novel that was next.

13) Improving his very first novel by age 21 (He had been born in 1979, which means that you do the math).

14) Much more of an introvert, but very simple to make friends

15) He is a Christian and was raised in a Christian home.

16) Pasta, white rice and steamed pork chops are some of his favourite foods.

17) Dated his wife for six years before they were wed.

18) Six years flew by before Fowler and his wife had their first kid.

19) Imitation o

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