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While he still has a daytime job, Hal C. F. Astell is a instructor by blood and a writer by the grace of this terror lord, which gradually transformed him into a film critic. He enjoys movies at his site, Apocalypse which is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary but has written for a variety of others. He writes book reviews for your own Nameless Zine.

The Apocalypse Later Empire grew from this website in order to encircle a publishing imprint (Apocalypse Afterwards Press), the only dedicated annual genre film festival in the sixth largest city in the US (the Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival in Phoenix) and a series of mini-film festivals at conventions throughout the southwest (including Phoenix Comicon, San Diego Comic-Fest, Wild Wild West Con, Gaslight Gathering, LepreCon, CopperCon, DarkCon etc..)

Born and raised from the rain of England, '' he’s still studying about the word “warmth” over a decade after he transferred to Phoenix, AZ, where he lives with Dee, his much better half, in a house filled with various creatures and oddities; a library using a protector ferret and a growing amount of secret panels; much more obscure DVDs than could comfortably be imagined. And he can imagine a lot.

Just if you care, his favourite movie is Peter Jackson’so debut, Bad Taste, his favourite celebrity is Warren William and that he believes Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc is the greatest movie ever produced. #x 2019 & he;s pleased to talk about your ears off about the joys of their makers and intriguing and odd movies, whether they’re pre-codes, fifties B-movies, vague horror flicks or anything.

He’s generally easy to discover at movie festivals, events and conventions since he’s going to be the only one there in a kilt and his evaporating English accent is immediately recognisable on podcasts and panels. He is friendly and doesn’t bite unless asked

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